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Am I the right photographer for you?

So here’s the thing - I might not be the photographer for you, and that’s ok! There are different ways of capturing your day, and if what you’re after is a wedding scheduled around beautifully posed, static shots from start to finish then I’m not your girl. I do know incredibly talented people in the industry with this style, so feel free to get in touch and I can point you in their direction! However if you’re after someone to capture the natural, real, raw moments without distraction or set up then read on.
A photographer is one of the few professionals who will be with you throughout your wedding day, there’s no getting away from that! I become part of the day, from helping with dresses and buttonholes to crying in the ceremony and laughing through the speeches, all while capturing those beautiful organic moments as they happen.
Over the years I’ve seen so many ways to get married! Big weddings, small weddings, alternative weddings and wild.. oh so wild weddings & I genuinely love all the versions! They all have the excitement, the nerves, the emotion, intimacy and love that has the toughest of people dabbing an eye! In amongst all this are those genuinely natural moments that you might not even see on the day, and that are captured forever. A grandparent beaming with pride, a toddler sneaking another piece of cake or an auntie flossing on the dance floor, they are all moments that make up the magic that is your day, and having them to look back on is precious!

That’s not to say I don’t capture some formal photos though. Even if posing is your nightmare, you could consider having a few pre-requested group photos with your nearest and dearest people, though that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and relaxed too.
Then there’s the classic shots; Mum doing up the dress, Dad seeing the bride, the first kiss, cutting of the cake and of course the first dance! I love these, and they too are non- posed. I don’t stop and start these moments, ask for you to hold certain positions or go again. I let them happen. By all means we can get the ball rolling by positioning Dad or the bridesmaids so that I’m in the right place to capture their reactions, but then don’t worry about what you’re ‘supposed’ to do - just do!